1st General Contractors: Bathroom Remodeling

If health, cleanliness and proper hygiene is of outmost concern to you we propose a few features for your bathroom which can definitely help. A bathroom being a high humid environment should always have a vent for the steam to escape from the closed space. A window or a mechanical vent is the number one feature in keeping the shower or tub mold-free. If you notice black spots on your grout lines or on your shower door caulking, it is a sign that you have molds! One of the mistakes our clients make today in their existing bathroom is having wide grout lines. A wide grout line that is 1/8” – 1/ 2” wide is considered to be wide. If that is of a concern to you, tiles that have square edges are your perfect fit. With these tiles we can perform what’s called a grout-less tile installation. The tiles are installed with each piece butting up against the ones next to it and the spaces between these are minimal – less than 1/16”.

In the "old days" we installed tiles on green boards using what’s called mastic glue, this is not a proper vapor barrier and does not provide your wood framing with the best water proofing possible. We use two different ways to perform the best water proofed sub layer. Water proof paper, cement wire, ½” – ¾” of cement, mortar, tiles and sealer will all be installed on the shower or tub walls. Plywood, sand mix, hot tar 24” high and cement will be installed on the shower pan. This is one way, the other is installing cement boards on the shower walls with nylon taping and patching at the sym lines between, mortar, tiles, grout and sealer on top. Either one of these methods should provide you with proper water proofing for the most humid room in the house. How to rearrange your bathroom? Even though some of the bathrooms are as small as 5’x8’ there are ways to max on practical use of space without getting into a second mortgage… What do I need to remodel my bathroom?

Our Licensed Bathroom Contractors perform every Bathroom Remodeling services

- Bathroom Remodeling
- Bathroom Additions
- Bathroom Renovation
- Bathroom Design
- Shower/Bath Instrallation
- Toilet
- Interior walls
- Countertops
- Flooring
- Windows
- Plumbing fixtures
- Lighting fixtures
- Ceilings Sink(s)
- Cabinets
- Tile


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