1st General Contractors: Kitchen Remodeling

Why should kitchen remodeling be expensive, scary, and all-consuming? While it's true that kitchen remodels, along with bathrooms, can easily comprise half of your remodeling budget, it may be worth spending the time and money to get this crucial area of your house right.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Flooring

  • Kitchen Design

    Kitchen remodeling always begins with a plan. Find out how professionals design kitchens for maximum efficiency. Or, you can learn basic kitchen design skills and apply them yourself.
  • Kitchen Countertops

    Many homeowners who may compromise on other parts of the house – even other parts of the kitchen –go full–bore with the kitchen counters. Kitchen counters are both highly visible and have practical functions. Let's examine all of your kitchen counter options.
  • Kitchen Cabinets

    Because kitchen cabinets are so expensive, it's worth the time and effort to undertake some cabinet- related projects yourself.
  • Kitchen Flooring

    With kitchen flooring you'll need to keep certain factors in mind in terms of durability, moisture control, and comfort. Including finding out which flooring – laminate, engineered, ceramic tiles, resilient, hardwood, and more work best in the kitchen.


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